Youth Infusion is working to realize a vision: a society full of educated and empowered young people whose voices truly impact their communities and the world at large
— Youth Infusion 2014

Mission Statement

Youth Infusion, Inc. is dedicated to engaging young men and women of Northeast Pennsylvania in the process of improving communities by providing them with skills, knowledge, resources and opportunities that will foster youth voice/action and empower them to improve their lives and the lives of others.  Youth Infusion will facilitate collaboration with community partners including, but not limited to, educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and other non-profit organizations to ensure that youth participation/action is valued

Our Beliefs

  • Youth are assets to their communities.
  • We are all responsible for empowering youth, providing them with opportunities to participate in shaping public policy, especially where it directly affects their lives and their futures.
  • Meaningful service-learning activities that include Youth Voice help to build and create strong, diverse communities of engaged, intelligent, and socially responsible young people who are committed to civic action and who have a passion for learning.
  • Strong, positive relationships with adults are key to the success of young people.